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Race Results


26th Jun 2011 Crib Point


7 Grades 1st, 2nd, 3rd F/UPF Avg Kph
A Grade (1) Mike Clucas, Andrew Nicholls, Trent Brown 38.90 kph
B Grade (1) Gabriel Cazaux, Tony Sullivan, Michael Sewell 37.10 kph
C Grade (1) Chris Ross, Colin Tyrer, Richard Moody Jodie Batchelor 35.70 kph
D Grade (1) Graham Fry, Mike Fox, Marco Rando Carolyn Phillips 35.40 kph
E Grade (1) Anthony Best, Tim Robertson, Andrew Peterson Helen Bean 33.40 kph
F Grade (1) Col Smith, Ray Smith, Sue Waymouth 31.30 kph
G Grade (1) Gerry Egbers, Jill De Leiger, John Porter 25.40 kph
Event Notes: Thank you to everyone who assisted with the race today, with out your support the racing does not happen.

More Statistics

26th Jun 2011 Crib Point

Grade Avg Speed Max Speed


38.90 kph 59.00 kph


37.10 kph 57.20 kph


35.70 kph 56.30 kph


35.40 kph 54.40 kph


33.40 kph 51.80 kph


31.30 kph 48.50 kph


25.40 kph 40.10 kph

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