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  • Friday 25th of July 2014

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SVCC has changed websites... All information is now available at www.southernmasters.com CLICK HERE »

Nov 09, 2011

Southern votes for name change at 2011 AGM

As of the 7th of November 2011, Southern Vets will  be known as “SOUTHERN MASTERS” after the membe....

Nov 07, 2011

The day's takings

Nov 04, 2011

B Grade Garmin Summary

Nov 03, 2011

Pedal power to beat 120,000 undiagnosed heart flutters

Twenty cycling enthusiasts are gearing up to ride from Canberra to Melbourne to raise funds for urgent medical resea....

Nov 03, 2011

New spinning wheel designs

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You can join our Melbourne cycling club anytime of the year. Memberships are from DEC to DEC, special offers such as 3 month free membership apply if you join after OCT 1st. Also, you can Come & Try at anytime.


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Photographers, with all the cycling action taking place this year, remember to save your shots onto a CD or USB for the webmaster.


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Starting list names click here

Starting list names click here

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